Onboard Customer with your ID verification provider

If you use your IDV (ID verification) provider for Customer document verification you can submit session id or token for us, and we will get all required information from your IDV provider.

Platform ID verification flow

  1. Once your Customer successfully executed document verification, use endpoint POST Submit personal onboarding IDV session token. You will need this data:
    • externalReference. It is id from Platform system which identify the Customer who did document verification.
    • sessionId. IDV provider’s token or session id. This information depends on IDV provider and should be coordinated with ConnectPay.
    • providerId. Name of the IDV provider. You can find ConnectPay’s supported providers list in the API description.
  2. If document verification is already approved by Platform’s IDV provider, Platform will get success response with application status IDV_TOKEN_GENERATED. All possible application statuses you can find in the GET Personal application Status description.
    "application": {
        "applicationId": "0f5e2ee4-3ba2-469a-91d5-9042b1b8fcba",
        "status": "IDV_TOKEN_GENERATED"
  1. After data submitting Platform need to receive application status IDV_APPROVED:
    1. via notification POST Application status change notification;
    2. or via GET Personal Application status
  2. If Platform received status IDV_DECLINED, then start again from first step.
  3. After Platform got IDV_APPROVED, need to provide additional details about Customer to open an account. Platform is required to call this endpoint POST Initiate onboarding Application (full KYC data).
  4. After successful data submission Platform will get 200 response with application status
    "applicationId": "564a09f1-3d9a-4185-92dc-69c33dbc01a5",
    "status": "COMPLIANCE_REVIEW"
  1. After the required onboarding and KYC actions are completed by ConnectPay, application status will change to ACCOUNT_ISSUED or ACCOUNT_DECLINED. This is the last status.
  2. Platform receives application status change ACCOUNT_ISSUED and baasClientId via notification POST Application status change notification.
    "application": {
        "applicationId": "f8494d2c-b602-4e13-8190-68faf5519c77",
        "status": "ACCOUNT_ISSUED",
        "baasClientId": "d548f667-a52f-423b-98be-0f160dc7978a",
  1. Based on baasClientID Platform can perform other actions.
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