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Card statusDescription
“Created”Card is created in the system after application is approved
“Ordered”Card is ordered in personalization centre
“Personalized”Card is personalized in personalization centre
“Dispatched”Card dispatched from personalization centre
“Active”Card is active and can be used for purchases
“AwaitingRenewal”Means that this card can be renewed (by creating new card with specifying predecessor_card_id). Card will get this status before N days before expiration date. Currently it is 30 days, so if expiration date for card is 12/24 – it will get this status 11/24, a month before. Card can be used for purchases.
“Frozen”Card is soft blocked and can’t be used for purchases. Status is reversible and card can be unblocked
“Terminated”Hard block. Final card status. Status is irreversible
“Closing”Means that there are pending authorizations and will be updated to “Terminated” after all authorizations are cleared.
“Expired”Card validity expired

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