Business APIs

ConnectPay’s Business API set allows you to use our product in your daily business – from e-shop to iGaming platform. It doesn’t matter if you have complicated portal or just a small pre-built solution, our single set of APIs together with online-banking platform can cover your business needs.

We offer to cover these use cases:

  • Allow you to collect deposits from your customers to your account (Accept Payments API) and easily initiate payouts (Payments API)
  • Upload our pre-made plug ins into your e-commerce platform to collect commercial transactions
  • Initiate easy refunds for your commercial transactions
  • Create and manage subscriptions using Recurring Payment API
  • See your accounts & balances, and check all payment-related historical data using Accounts API
  • Make Payouts and Initiate Payments (SEPA INST, SEPA CT, SWIFT), exchange currency (FX) using Payments API
  • Receive and manage various notifications for transaction status updates

Take the stress and hassle out of managing your funds with our all-in-one financial platform.

Accept payments


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