BaaS Card management

Freeze Card

Unfreeze card

Terminate Card

Update card limits

Main limits categories are:

  • “purchases” – purchases in POS
  • “internetPurchases” – online purchases
  • “contactlessPayments” – contactless payments in POS
  • “withdrawals” – cash withdrawals from ATM
  • “overallLimits” – these limits override all above mentioned limits. Other limits can’t be higher than “overallLimits”
  • “availableAmount” – how much of the limits is still available
  • “usedAmount” – how much of the limit is already used

Change PIN

Update Card Security settings

  • “contactlessPayments” – contacless payment are on/off
  • “withdrawals” – withdrawals are on/off
  • “internetPurchases” – internet purchases are on/off
  • “overallPurchases” – if overall purchases setting is on then “overallLimits” will apply. Please check Update card limits API

Update Card 3DS security settings

Personal onboarding

Accounts using BaaS

Card creation

Card details & transactions

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