Payment details

Response body will contain all information about the payment. In addition to payment data provided in Payment Initiation request, Response will have set of various statuses and Consumer details.

Our Gateway provides these statuses (parameter status.code) :

Initiated Payment initiation request received from Merchant.
PendingMerchant Payment initiation response sent to Merchant.
InProgress Redirect received from Merchant.
Processing Payment initiation request sent to Provider.
PendingProvider Redirect received from Provider OR Payment status update received from Provider, however payment status is not terminal.
Approved Payment approved.
SettledFunds has been received in Merchant Account. Currently, in non-prod you will receive this status only for Apple Pay and Google Pay top up transactions. If you want to test it, inform us, and our dev-support will change Approved transactions to Settled. Important! Some PIS payment method providers send funds faster than we receive approval from them (in SEPA INST cases), thus there is a case where you might receive this status before Approved.
Failed Payment failed.
Abandoned Payment canceled or abandoned at Provider OR Session expires OR Consumer cancels payment before initiating it.
RefundedPayment was refunded.
PendingRefundRefund is in progress.
PartialyRefundedPartial amount of a payment was refunded.

To uderstand if status is terminal, check status.isTerminal: Boolean finalisation indicator:

  • True – if payment is finalised and it‘s status won‘t change.
  • False – payment is not completed yet.

Tips! There are some exemptions with terminal status when it’s moving from one terminal state to another:

  1. Approved → Settled. When funds are settled, we notify you separately. Currently commercial card transactions don’t have this status for delayed settlement, this is why 2 states can be terminal.
  2. Approved/Settled → Refunded/PartialyRefunded. If your customer required a refund, we move one terminal state to another terminal state that is related to refund action. Usually before changing state to Refunded/PartialyRefunded we add one intermediate status PendingRefund while we process a refund.
  3. Settled → Approved. This change can happens only for SEPA INST payments and it’s caused by asynchronous notifications. Sometimes funds are received faster than response from a bank.

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