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Subscription procedure

This document outlines the step-by-step procedure to register for our webhooks and configure the required parameters, including the endpoint for receiving notifications.

  • If you are ConnectPay customer – your legal entity name
  • If you are technical partner of ConnectPay customer – legal entity name of ConnectPay customer that you represent.
  • The webhook endpoint URL

Email template:

I would like to enable/modify/disable webhooks for my customer.

Customer name:  {{customer name}}
Url to recieve webhook: {{url}}
Webhook event types: {{webhook eventype 1, webhook eventype 2 …}}

Webhook token encrypted in PGP and attached to the email.

Webhook event types can be find here.

Upon submitting the registration form, our team will review your request and contact you to confirm your eligibility for using our webhooks.

Step 2: Once your registration is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the necessary information required to setup your webhook endpoint. The endpoint is the URL to which our system will send webhook notifications.

Please ensure that your endpoint meets the following requirements:

  • Utilizes HTTPS for secure communication
  • Is publicly accessible and can receive incoming requests from our IP addresses or IP ranges
  • Has implemented the necessary security measures, such as IP Whitelisting and Secret Tokens, as outlined in our security documentation

Please configure your application to expect the Secret Token in the header of incoming webhook requests and ensure that the token is stored securely on your end.

Step 3: Your webhook integration is now complete. We will activate the webhooks for your account, and you’ll start receiving notifications at the specified endpoint.

Authorize to receive webhooks

General webhooks usage rules

Webhooks offered


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