Identity verification using your provider’s data

If you use your provider for client identity verification (IDV), you can submit session id or token for ConnectPay, and ConnectPay will get all required information from your IDV provider. You can find ConnectPay’s supported IDV providers list in the endpoint description.

Use this endpoint if you want to do IDV for private client or corporate client representatives.

Identity verification with ConnectPay provider steps:

  1. Once your client successfully executed identity verification, use endpoint POST Submit External IDV API. You will need this data:
    • externalReference. It is id from Platform system which identify the client who did identity verification
    • sessionId. IDV provider’s token or session id. This information depends on IDV provider and should be coordinated with ConnectPay
    • providerId. Name of the IDV provider
  2. When ConnectPay successfully received your information and if your provided sessionId is valid, then you get response with status IDV_TOKEN_GENERATED and ConnectPay created personid
  3. Platform must receive application status IDV_APPROVED:
    1. via webhook IDV status change notification. You can find information here how to subscribe ConnectPay webhooks
    2. or via endpoint GET IDV status
  4. If Platform received status is IDV_DECLINED then start again from first step
  5. When Platform has client IDV with status IDV_APPROVED and ConnectPay created personid, needs to provide additional details about client to open an account. Depends on client type (private or corporate) required to call endpoint POST Personal Onboarding API or POST Business Onboarding API.

Possible identity verification statuses

IDV_TOKEN_GENERATEDConnectPay successfully received your information and your provided sessionId is valid
IDV_APPROVEDThe IDV of the end-user has been approved
IDV_DECLINEDThe IDV of the end-user has been declined

Open account for private client

Open account for corporate client

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