DevApp creation

 In general, think of Developer application (a.k.a., DevApp) as a container that stores your API access configuration:

  • Credentials
  • Selected ConnectPay API products
  • List of Callback URLs
  • BrandId
  • etc

List DevApps

Create New DevApp

While in above mentioned My Apps page press Register New App button.

  • Enter Name.
  • From API Available list select API products that you want to use.

Note: You will be able to modify API list at any time.

  • If any of selected API products would require Callbacks or Browser redirects, you will have to enter these URLs in Callback URL field. You can enter as many comma separated URLs as you need.
  • Each hostname of callback URL in API requests will be validated against this list. 
  • Always specify protocol along with hostname which consists of subdomain and domain. Use only https protocol, http is disabled.
  • Example of callback URL list:,
  • If you are using Merchant API, enter assigned Brand ID into MERCHANT API – BRAND ID field.
  • Press Register button. DevApp will be created and you will be presented with summary screen.

Note Client ID / Client Secret field – they will be required to successfully authenticate APIs that are secured with Basic Auth security model.

Below is the screen for creating a new DevApp:

and the list of APIs supported:

APIs in DEVAPP configuration

  1. OB-AS v1 (Accounts Services) – APIs to access Accounts information services
  2. AUTH (MTLS) v1 (Auth Services for MTLS APIs) – authorization API for mutual TLS communication
  3. OB-PS v1 (Payment Services) – APIs to access Payment Services functionality
  4. MERCHANT API v1 (Merchant Services) – All single merchant functionality related APIs using oAuth authorization (soon to be outdated)
  5. AUTH (TLS) v1 (Auth Services for TLS APIs) – authorization API for TLS communication
  6. SYSTEM SERVICES (System Services) – System services to make all other API work. Must always be selected
  7. BAAS v1 (BaaS Services) – APIs to start using Banking as a Service functionality
  8. PSD2-AIS v1 (PSD2 Account Information Services) – APIs to access PSD2 Accounts information services
  9. PSD2-PIS v1 (PSD2 Payment Initiation Services) – APIs to access PSD2 Open Banking Payment Initiation Services functionality
  10. MERCHANT API v2 (Merchant Services) – All single merchant functionality related APIs using BasicAuth
  11. BAAS-ONBOARDING v1 (BaaS Onboarding Services) – APIs to start onboarding your customers
  12. BAAS-CARDS v1 (BaaS Card Services) – APIs to access Payment Cards services
  13. BAAS-MERCHANT API v1 (BaaS Merchant API Services) – APIs for platforms that are providing merchant service functionality for their customers
  14. BAAS-SANDBOX CARDS v1 (Baas Card Services Sandbox) – APIs to access Payment Cards Sandbox services. Used for testing purposes (Stage environment)
  15. SANDBOX OB-PS v1 (Payment Service Sandbox) – APIs to create incoming payments only for testing purposes (Stage environment)


DevApp creation

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