Open account for private client

Steps how to open restricted private client account:

  1. Platform needs to call endpoint POST Initiate onboarding Application (full KYC data) and submits all additional data about client. This endpoint requires to provide ConnectPay personId. personId indicates that person identity was verified.
  2. After successful data submission Platformwill get 200 response with application status APPLICATION_CAPTURED
  3. ConnectPay performs required onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) actions
  4. After the required actions are done, application status will be changed to APPLICATION_APPROVED or APPLICATION_DECLINED. Platform can get status change:
    1. via webhook application status notification. You can find information here how to subscribe ConnectPay webhooks
    2. or via endpoint GET application status
  5. Together with status APPLICATION_APPROVED Platformreceives baasClientId. Based on baasClientID other actions can be performed: get BaaS Client list, get BaaS Client account, view BaaS Client account balance and etc.

Possible personal application statuses

APPLICATION_CAPTUREDInforms that ConnectPay successfully received provided information
COMPLIANCE_REVIEWInforms that application is in compliance review
APPLICATION_APPROVEDInforms that application was approved and IBAN is issued, and other API can be initiated with provided baasClientID
APPLICATION_DECLINEDInforms that application was declined

For purposes of the account select all possible options from the provided list

SALARYReceive salary
INDIVIDUAL_OR_SOLE_TRADER_INCOMEIncome from individual/sole trader business activity. If selected this value, please provide registration number and industry of business activity in the additional information
PERSONAL_OR_HOUSEHOLD_EXPENSESPersonal/household expenses
FOREIGN_TRANSACTIONSForeign transactions
VIRTUAL_CURRENCY_OR_GAMBLING_RELATED_TRANSACTIONSVirtual currency/gambling-related transactions
INVESTMENT_TRANSACTIONS_OR_LOAN_PAYMENTSInvestment-related transactions/loan payments
OTHEROther. If selected this value, please provide more details

For account’s connection to Lithuania select all possible options from the provided list

WORK_OWN_REAL_ESTATE_HAVE_COMPANY_IN_LTWork/own real estate/have a company registered in Lithuania
STUDYING_IN_LTStudying in Lithuania
RESIDENCE_PERMIT_SPOUSE_IS_LT_CITIZENHave a residence permit in Lithuania/a spouse who is a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania
TAX_REFUNDS_STATE_BENEFITSTax refunds/state benefits (pension, land compensation, etc.)
HAVE_COUNTERPARTIES_LOCATED_IN_LTHave counterparties located in Lithuania
EURO_ACCOUNTWant to open a Euro account

For source of income select only one from the list

EMPLOYMENT_OR_INDIVIDUAL_BUSINESS_INCOMEEmployment income/income from individual business activity
BUSINESS_PROFIT_OR_DIVIDENDSBusiness profits/dividends
SALE_OF_INVESTMENTS_OR_LIQUIDATION_OF_PORTFOLIOSale of investments/liquidation of an investment portfolio
PROPERTY_SALESale of property
LOAN_AND_FINANCINGLoan and financing
OTHEROther. If selected this value, please provide more details

Identity verification with ConnectPay provider

Identity verification using your provider’s data

Accounts using BaaS


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