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General Information

Below is a list of event types we currently send through webhooks. We are planning to add more event types in the near future.

IDV webhooks

The IDV of the end-user has been approvedBaaSPersonIdv.Approved
The IDV of the end-user has been declinedBaaSPersonIdv.Declined

Application webhooks

Informs that application is in compliance reviewBaasApplication.ComplianceReview
Informs that application was approved and IBAN is issued, and other APIs can be initiated with provided baasClientIDBaasApplication.ApplicationApproved
Informs that application was declinedBaasApplication.ApplicationDeclined

Payment webhooks

Outgoing payment status change notificationOutgoingPayment.Created
Outgoing payment status change notificationOutgoingPayment.Processing
Outgoing payment status change notificationOutgoingPayment.Completed
Outgoing payment status change notificationOutgoingPayment.Rejected
Settled incoming payment notificationIncomingPayment.Completed

Account webhooks

Account balance change notification (both, credit and debit transactions trigger this notification)Account.BalanceChanged

Card application webhooks

Card application is created. ConnectPay reviews applications and notifies customer about decision.BaaSCardApplication.Approved
Card application is created. ConnectPay reviews applications and notifies customer about decision.BaaSCardApplication.Declined

Card payment webhooks

Triggered when successful card authorisation is madeBaaSCard.HoldAdded 
Triggered when authorisation is modified. Popular use case: Automatic fuel dispenserBaaSCard.HoldModified 
Triggered when card authorisation is removedBaaSCard.HoldDeleted
Triggered when card receives a refundBaaSCard.Refunded 

Card status webhooks

Card application is approved and card is created in systemBaaSCard.Created
Card ordered in personalisation centreBaaSCard.Ordered
Card personalized in personalisation centreBaaSCard.Personalized
Card dispatched by personalisation centreBaaSCard.Dispatched
Card is activatedBaaSCard.Activated
Card blockedBaaSCard.Blocked
Card expiredBaaSCard.Expired
Card awaiting renewal. 30 days left till card expirationBaaSCard.AwaitingRenewal
Card can’t be closed as the are pending authorisations. Card will received “closed” status after authorisations are cleared.BaaSCard.Closing
Card closedBaaSCard.Closed

Account status webhooks

Triggered when IBAN is blocked for DebitBaaSAccount.DebitBlocked
Triggered when IBAN is blocked for CreditBaaSAccount.CreditBlocked
Triggered when IBAN is blocked for Debit and CreditBaaSAccount.DebitAndCreditBlocked
Triggered when IBAN is unblockedBaaSAccount.Unblocked
Triggered when IBAN is closedBaaSAccount.Closed

Merchant payment status webhooks (available only for Banking as a Service customers)

 Payment initiation request received from Merchant.MerchantPayment.Initiated
 Payment initiation request sent to Provider.MerchantPayment.Processing
Redirect received from Provider OR Payment status update received
from provider, however payment status is not terminal.
 Payment approved.MerchantPayment.Approved
Funds has been received in Merchant Account.MerchantPayment.Settled
Payment failed.MerchantPayment.Failed
Payment canceled or abandoned at Provider OR Session expires OR
Consumer cancels payment before initiating it.
Payment was refunded.MerchantPayment.Refunded
Partial amount of a payment was refunded.MerchantPayment.PartiallyRefunded

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