Open Banking (PSD2) APIs

EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) provides guidelines to all financial players to allow others to account information services and payment services within the European Union. The goal of PSD2 is to create a more uniform, transparent and open EU payment market.

If you are a third-party service provider (TPP) which requires access to ConnectPay PSD2 APIs you need to be registered and you also need a qualified certificate (QWAC). Such certificates can be obtained from Qualified Trusted Service Providers.

  1. Open Developer Account (ConnectPay Developer Portal & more information)
  2. Create DevApp (more information)
  3. Share certificates (more information)
  4. Generate authCode via API (more information) (only for PSD2 APIs)
  5. Get Access Token (more information)

After the technical setup you will be able to use those functions:

Get started

Generate authCode via API (PSD2 flow)

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