The user of the Banking as a Service APIs – is called Platform, which will onboard their Clients which will be called BaaS Clients

BaaS Clients could be onboarded using restricted account flow.

Restricted account are fully functioning ConnectPay Client’s account, but the end user – BaaS Client (the holder of the account), does not have direct access to control account(s) via ConnectPay channels. BaaS Client will be able to control restricted account only via Platform’s provided channel(s). Platform will control and secure the login credentials of the end user.

    To open restricted BaaS Client account ConnectPay requires from Platform:

    • to provide client identity verification (IDV)
    • to upload the required supporting documentation
    • to provide Know Your Customer (KYC) information

    Identity verification with ConnectPay provider

    Identity verification using your provider’s data

    Open account for private client

    Open account for corporate client

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