Currency exchange payment details

To check initiated and authorized currency exchange payment details, you need to call Currency Exchange Payment Details API.
In the URL, you need to provide “paymentOrderNo”.


Please use “paymentOrderNo” which was inputted in Authorize Currency Exchange Payment API URL.
Response body of Currency Exchange Payment Details API will return debtor and creditor information, transaction amount, currency exchange details, currency conversion fees and transaction status.

Tip! For all possible transaction statuses, please check Payment status section

  "debtorAccount": {
    "iban": "LT843740020000007036"
  "debtorName": "Vytautas Staras-Stage",
  "creditorAccount": {
    "iban": "LT573740020000007037"
  "creditorName": "Vytautas Staras-Stage",
  "transactionAmount": {
    "currency": "EUR",
    "amount": "92.77"
  "currencyExchange": {
    "sourceCurrency": "EUR",
    "targetCurrency": "USD",
    "exchangeRate": "1.0779781589",
    "marketExchangeRate": "1.086343",
    "instructedAmount": {
      "currency": "USD",
      "amount": "100.00"
  "currencyConversionFees": {
    "percent": "0.77"
  "externalReference": "3nmfQSrQXjTyt8VE5NpsZqgRDvXcgSD3wy",
  "transactionStatus": "ACSC"

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